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Master Simon Wong's

2013 Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology

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Master Simon Wong's 2013 handbook is an essential guide for those interested in authentic Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology.

In this book, Master Wong shows you how to use Flying Star Feng Shui to optimize your home or place of work *month by month*, creating best environment for harmony and success throughout 2013. 

Learning about the interaction of the 5 elements and astrological energy, you'll discover how to enhance the positive areas and cure the negative, and to use Feng Shui principles to find a compatible partner.

Do you know your Chinese zodiac sign? You'll find monthly Chinese horoscopes showing you what to expect in love, health and business. For those signs suffering from the negative influence of the Tai Sui (Year God) in 2013, Master Wong has the solution.

Master Wong provides a fascinating astrological analysis of the USA's fortunes for 2013 under President Barack Obama, and the UK under Prime Minister David Cameron.

He also explains the incredible and little-known story of the true origin of Feng Shui, together with fascinating background information on Chinese Astrology and Chinese philosophy.

The book covers the Chinese astrological year: 4th Feb 2013 to 3rd Feb 2014.

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