Introduction to Kung Fu
By Master Simon Wong - $14.95
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Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu is an economical system of self defence and self improvement incorporating the techniques and ideas of Southern Mantis and Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Master Wong's book condenses many years of thought and experience. It is an excellent introduction to the beginner's (white sash) level. The techniques and important Chi Kung
exercises are explained in detail and illustrated by clear photographs.

The first-level form is also illustrated and explained. Practitioners
who are prepared to train hard and regularly will not find it difficult
to learn the basics from this book, even if they are not able to attend
regular classes.

R.W. Dyson
Instructor, Tai Chi Chuan
5th Dan, Kempo Karate

Master Simon Wong founded the Yellow Dragon in 1986 and has been teaching his knowledge to people for nearly 20 years.

This book features extensive diagrams, techniques and tips to show you how to begin your Kung Fu training, and provides a fascinating introduction to one of the world's most feared and respected combat systems.

Price: $14.95
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